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If you have been bitten by a dog, chances are you are eligible to receive compensation. The law states that a dog owner is responsible for the behavior of their animal, so if it has bitten you, you have a case to sue that individual for the actions of the dog. Although it sounds straight-forward, dog bite lawsuits can become quite complex and time-consuming. When you use our dog bite lawyer for your case, you can expect to receive diligent attention from a lawyer with experience in the law which surrounds dog bite cases.

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The sooner you engage a dog bite injury lawyer, the more quickly they can get to work putting together the evidence needed to make your case a strong one. It is vital that the testimony of witnesses and similar potential evidence is collected as soon after the event as possible, in order to ensure it is accurate and provides the best possible source of information for your lawsuit. We are used to working with witnesses, ensuring we ask the right questions to obtain a testimony which is as honest and helpful as possible.

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We understand that many of our clients lack the financial means to pay for legal counsel, which is why we offer a no win, no fee option. If we lose your case, you will not pay us a cent: win, and our fees will come out of the proceeds of your compensation.

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Do not wait before engaging a lawyer to take forward your dog bite compensation claim! We offer a FREE consultation with dog bite victims, where we can give you the advice you need to decide whether you may be due a cash sum. Call us to find out more, or to book your FREE initial appointment.