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We are an established law firm that believes that every one of our clients should be granted the full amount of compensation that is due to them should they have been unfortunate enough to be involved in a car accident. Our car accident lawyer has significant experience of Florida law, enabling them to work with local car accident victims in order to put together a suitable case.

Car Accident Attorneys for Many Different Types of Accident

Car accidents do not only involve passengers! Bystanders, people in buildings that are hit by vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders and many others may also be injured due to an accident. In some cases, the cause of an auto accident is not driver negligence, but vehicular malfunction due to a negligent manufacturer, garage mechanic or servicing team. Our car accident lawyers are able to take on complex cases as well as more straight-forward ones, providing seasoned counsel and a supportive, compassionate service.

No Win, No Fee Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

If you do not have the ready cash for legal fees, have you considered our no fee, no win option? Our auto accident lawyer will take your case forward for no upfront cost. Should your case be unsuccessful, you will owe us nothing. If we are successful, the fees will come from your compensation, leaving you with a cash remainder to spend as you wish.

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To find out more about our services and how we may be able to help, why not schedule a FREE initial appointment with a member of our team? We are happy to provide some initial advice at no cost, giving you the information you need to decide on the best way forward for you and your family. To find out more or to schedule your FREE consultation, call us at (904) 229-8068.


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